is Making Me NUTS!

Written By Mark Hillman, Ph.D.

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From the Publisher

"Dr. Hillman's book helps us to understand how we all live with uncertainty, but can act with confidence. A truly breakthrough learning system that works!"

SamuelT. Gladding, Ph.D.
President,American Counseling Association (2004-2005)
Associate Provost, Professor and Chair, Department of Counseling, Wake Forest University

"Dr. Mark Hillman has done a masterful job examining situations and dilemmas of everyday life in My Therapist is Making Me Nuts! His emphasis on how we think and behave, rather than on how we feel, empowers readers to respond constructively with choices to circumstances they face. This book is filled with wisdom, wit, and insight mixed gingerly with experience and examples. It is a treat to read! It is stimulating and refreshingly honest, providing much on which to reflect and on which to later act."

Lisa Stevens
Times Union, Albany, N.Y. March 14, 2004

"Hillman...uses humor to help people look within to find better ways to communicate in relationships. His approach is light, but the message is mighty. Our self-awareness and self-growth are critical to successful relationships."

William D. Danko, Ph.D.
Co-author of The Millionaire Next Door

"Dr. Hillman's interactive approach offers the reader opportunity after opportunity to understand where they came from but, more importantly, where they want to go. This is a serious playbook for personal and professional growth."

Capistran J. Hanlon, O.F.M., Ph.D.
Kiskis Professor of Sociology, Siena College

"Often funny, always enlightening, Dr. Hillman's hard-hitting dialogue style is a great way for him to present his program of self-growth through responsibility. He leads the reader through a self-examination that enables one to discover the stumbling blocks in his or her life."

Judith Mysliborski, M.D.
Dermatologist, Albany, N.Y.

"Dr. Hillman's conversational style, practical examples and touch of humor all make reading this book enjoyable and engaging...He gives us the examples, the knowledge and the skills to begin to ask the questions and understand the answers. It's all about our relationship with our 'person' and our 'self' and the real world."

Barry D. Jessee
Director of Human Resources, Albany International Corp.

"This book is a must read for human resource professionals or, for that matter, all who manage people. Dr. Hillman does a masterful job of combining humor with his obvious deep insights to serious issues of human behavior. This book brings much-needed insight to many 'whys' of everyday people interaction."

Dorothy Balancio, Ph.D.
Sociologist, Mercy College

"Dr. Hillman's highly readable and wide-ranging exploration of the individual provides important insights into the true meaning of self-awareness, self-regulation and motivation. I found this insightful, well-written book an asset to students serious about understanding themselves in relationships."

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