is Making Me NUTS!

Written By Mark Hillman, Ph.D.


A self-help book for the rest of us

From the very title of Dr. Mark Hillman's book, "My Therapist Is Making Me Nuts," we get the sense that maybe, just maybe, this book is going to be different from the thousands of others that clutter the self-help shelves of the local book store. After all, if Hillman could be irreverent enough to take a well-deserved poke at his own profession with the notion that therapists might actually be CAUSING problems, perhaps the pandering, know-it-all tone that generally typifies the field might be avoided.

Such faith is more than justified, as becomes clear from the opening lines of the introduction in which the train of thought that led to the book's writing is revealed. Eschewing the force-fed paradigms that characterize most of the books written by his fellow therapist-authors, Hillman takes an Everyman approach to the emotional and mental stumbling blocks and landmines over which most of us trip every day, year in and year out.

Taking the reader through a voyage of self-discovery, Hillman pulls back the curtain on such notions as operating fantasies, operating assumptions, and the deadly operating presumptions. Citing as examples such characters as Bixby and the Unfortunate Jones, Hillman uses humor to make his point and allows us to see ourselves in those examples. Page by page the reader learns about the motivating power of currencies of approval and gratification, of the difference between the person and the self, the role of culture in what we feel and believe, and the way we all sometimes go half-cocked chasing after things that are really not good for us.

As Hillman himself says in the book's opening pages, this volume isn't going solve every problem, make us rich, successful or beautiful. For that he suggests Martha Stewart. But for the rest of us who just want some tips on how to get through life, there could not be a more accessible, user-friendly tool.

Buy 2! One for you and one to give away!

Humor, self-awareness, insightful, understanding relationships -with yourself and your world.....Dr. Hillman has managed to provide an excellent written book that captures your attention from beginning to end. There are two ways to approach this book -buy it and read it now or buy it and keep it by your bedside. Either way it will help you when "Life Happens". This is a great book for any age - if you are open to better understanding yourself this is a must read. But remember - buy 2 - you will want to keep one for yourself and one to give to someone special in your life!

Highly recommended reading

"Being someone who is more comfortable reading a short magazine article while at the barbershop, this book looked like a daunting task to read. I was surprised at not being able to set Dr.Hillmans book down. I began to think this author had somehow written about me or some of my own life stumbles.

This book is about us all and the stumbles we all may make in life. I only could wish that this book had come to print years ago. Dr.Hillmans down to earth approach is simple to understand and his wit and humor helps to keep us focused on the basic principles he gives us in the book. It's written in a manner that is easy to read and understand. This book is a healthy source of guidelines of self-awareness to operate day to day in the real world. Thank You Dr. Hillman for putting together such a great resource for personal growth and understanding for everyday life."

Dr. Mark Shows Grown-Ups How to Grow Up!

"Written like a true mensch, Dr. Mark Hillman breaks down the puzzles that keep us stuck in unproductive relationship patterns in safe and often funny slices-of-life that resonate, reassure and teach. I read the first hundred pages in a half hour -- it's that good! A must-read for those considering therapy or for those who have lived and learned through therapy -- Dr. Mark validates and nurtures us all!"

Dr. Hillman is An Entrancing Conversational Educator

"My Therapist is Making Me Nuts by Mark Hillman is, in my judgment a "must read" book that will encourage introspection at the turn of every page. The book painlessly dissects and exposes the factors, suppositions, assumptions and ideations that individualize each of us, and the readers are encouraged to participate in the game of "who, what and how" we are.

Psychological anatomy is complex and the drama it produces is the theater of mankind, yet somehow, with wit, humor, and text that engages the reader directly, Hillman clarifies the intimate parts of personality, yours, mine and of course, his. His allusions demonstrate a robust familiarity with the vernacular of our times, from which he culls relevant examples to illustrate the pitfalls and sand traps that may obstruct and delay our progress. They may also help us peel away the veneers that disguise us from ourselves.Hillman writes in a glib, conversational story-telling manner, replete with anecdotes that clarify obscure concepts of this difficult subject. Any words or phrases that interrupt your train of thought are further defined in the reader-friendly glossary. Hillman describes "hope", "expectations", "presumptions", "assumptions" as well as numerous other processes that either implement or retard our progress as human beings, and bundles them into the context of contemporary social and societal life. Even the short paragraph about rites of passage of different civilization invites comparison with college hazing, a seemingly foolish activity which may have roots buried deep in the recesses of our genetic past. The proposition put forward that thought always precedes action may be true, but it is probably also true that many thoughts are generated by instincts over which we have little control. But if indeed Hillman is correct, that thoughts inevitably precede action, book is a mirror to show how the thoughts generated by instinct can be modified and often dealt with.

Read this book to learn more about yourself. Rarely does education come in such a palatable form."

Your own personal life guidance

"Dr. Mark Hillman's book cuts through the psycho-babble of so much of today's melodramas that try to get us to "like ourselves" so we can help ourselves. But how can one like oneself unless one really knows not only oneself where one is now, but all the steps along the way that made us that way? Dr. Mark keeps it simple, using real life, easy to follow stories and examples. He let's you see yourself through all your own life situations, and gives you your choices quite nicely so you can "get down to business" of who your are and what you're going to do about yourself. Just after you read about a situation that may not be you and you wonder why you're reading this book, you'll turn the page and say "ah ha, I'm not alone!"

An absolute must read!!

"A friend of mine told me to read this book...all I can say is WOW!! what a read!! I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to look at life a little differently. I truly believe that if given the time, attention and commitment, this can change anyone's life--the right way. I'm not one who believes in quick fixes or magical words to change my life--I've always known that if I wanted to do it, it had to be me stepping up to the plate. Dr. Mark has created a masterpiece."

Five stars are not enough!

"Dr. Hillman's understandable examples and humorous delivery helped me deal with some very serious issues. I came away from reading (and rereading) this book, feeling very optimistic that I WILL BE the change that I want to see. We've all heard "What we are taught, we practice; what we practice, we become." Dr. Hillman's book helped me get down to the roots of some issues that were clouding my perspective. This allowed me to make the most of what I was given. And that's what life's really all about!

We all know that our past affects our present. Since we also know that we cannot change the past and in most cases, we cannot change others (although we'd certainly like to!) where most of us need help, is in making the appropriate changes in our current behavior that will improve our future and prevent us from making the same mistakes once again. We learn how to tell if what we're seeking is what we REALLY want, by looking beyond what appears to be the obvious. We learn to recognize the two distinct parts of our identity (our "self" and our "person"), and how to prevent them from creating havoc in our lives and our relationships.

I would recommend "My Therapist is Making Me Nuts!" to EVERYONE. Its principles can be used on both a personal and professional level, and will have a positive impact on all your relationships, including your relationship with yourself. Five stars are simply not enough!!!!!!"

Hillman plots an unintimidating course for the everyday!

"Dr. Mark Hillman, Ph.D. plots a course for generations brought up with psychobabble that has done us very little good. What's more, he's done it with charm and a sense of humor which makes our own frailties somehow more approachable and certainly more fixable!

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Hillman at a book signing in upstate New York. Although his professional persona is all credibility, it is easy to see why his writing style is so "approachable"! In this book, Dr. Hillman offers real tangible strategies through the clever use of characters who you'll grow to relate to very quickly.

As a results Coach, I will recommend this book to my clients enthusiastically! Well done, Bullseye, Doctor!"

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