Mark Hillman, Ph.D.

What is being said in the media
about Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching

The mark of leaders throughout history is their ability to understand themselves and others. Executive coaching is designed to help you understand yourself in relationship to your professional and personal surroundings. Analytical and critical thinking processes will be identified with concrete action plans for establishing a clear vision of the future with some rigor. Identifying core belief systems and well formed outcomes with strategies to achieve your desired outcome are the goals of executive coaching.Coaches help people set better goals and then reach those goals. They ask their clients to do more than they would have done on their own. Coaches help their client to focus better so as to produce results more quickly. They provide clients with the tools, support and structure to accomplish more. Clients get focused and produce faster because they have a coach.

Many people are tired of doing what they think they "should" do and are ready to do something special and meaningful for the rest of their lives. One problem is that many can't see what this is, or, if they can, they can't find a way to reorient their life around it. A coach can help them do both.

A coach challenges you and takes the time to find out what winning in life means to you. A coach is your partner in living the life you know you can accomplish, personally and professionally. A coach is someone to hold you accountable for your life, to make sure you really do live up to your potential.

Would you like to work with someone who listens very well, really hears what you say, wants you to succeed, endorses you, is constructive, suggests courses of action, makes requests and helps you stay focused? Together, you and I develop goals, make agreements for action and then discuss the resulting accomplishments or difficulties.

As your coach, I am your sounding board, facilitator, counselor and awareness raiser. In absolute confidentiality, I'll assist you to access and develop resources to facilitate your growth and overcome whatever obstacles block your path to clarity, prosperity, peace, success and fulfillment. Results include more energy and productivity, greater happiness, enthusiasm and deep satisfaction. These are key ingredients to achieve personal and organizational success.

Executive Coaching supports you to develop and hone the skills you need, and gives you the confidence to take on bigger challenges and greater responsibility. To lead others you must first lead yourself. Coaching is about self-discovery and unleashing your unrealized potential. I help establish specific, clear personal and professional outcomes that are aligned with your deepest values and purpose; outcomes that stretch you to actualize your potential and then create the life you want.

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