Mark Hillman, Ph.D.

Benefits and Advantages
of Executive Coaching

There are many benefits and advantages of executive coaching for both employees and business owners.

It's a tremendous challenge today to cope with all the stress associated with life on and off the job.

Peak Performance Under Pressure is a comprehensive course that teaches the vital strategies, principals and skills necessary to survive and excel in today's fast paced, pressure packed world.

As an executive coach, professional speaker and stress management consultant, Mark Hillman, Ph.D. combines powerful content with imaginative delivery. His dynamic approach provides practical ideas and techniques that can be immediately used to achieve maximum productivity under the most demanding conditions.

Many healthcare, financial and business corporations have retained Mark to help individuals cope with today's hectic professional and personal demands. His programs are high energy and dynamic, providing proven skills to create peak performance in professionals at every level.

Limited resources, coupled with the intensity of competition among corporations, places vast amounts of pressure on employees than ever before. As people feel better, they work harder.

Dr. Hillman's seminars will help employees feel better and work harder.

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As an individual or employee, how can a personal/executive coach benefit me?

Having a partner would keep you on track, make you more accountable, and keep you constantly progressing forward so you actually see the results you want rather than just wishing for them.

When you hire a personal/executive coach you invest in your most valuable asset, YOURSELF, and begin living all aspects of your life in a more deliberate way.

You will make better decisions for you and your business.

You will live a more balanced life with less stress.

You will take more effective and focused actions and do them quicker.

You will set bigger and better goals.

You will develop insight into how your own coping mechanisms may be preventing you from effectively dealing with change.

You have someone who can give you an impartial perspective and brainstorm with you on ways to move ahead.

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As a business owner or leader, how can I benefit from executive coaching?

Learn how to ignite and keep burning the passion in your employees. Passionate, committed employees deliver a more satisfying experience for your customers and in turn effect a strong competitive advantage for your business.

Learn how to develop the skills and flexibility in your organization's leadership that will enhance the longevity of your business in this forever-changing global environment.

Learn how to resurrect the commitment of all your employees to your organization's purpose and goals.

Provide a range of techniques for your employees that will enhance productivity, build capability and generate innovation.

Learn to optimize the human assets, capitalize on leadership potential and create committed followers at all levels of your organization.

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How can my business or organization benefit from Mark Hillman's Peak Performance Programs and Seminars?

No other investment your company or organization will make can bring as high a return as engaging and energizing your human capital.

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To explore specifics on how I build an executive coaching relationship and what is involved in the actual coaching process, along with suggested time frames and fee schedules click the link below

One on One Executive Coaching