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Take Me Away
From Troubled Times

Individual Psychotherapy

People come to individual counseling to talk about different aspects of their lives and difficulties they may be having in solving some of their problems. Many people experience counseling as a safe place to share their deepest thoughts and feelings without judgment. Individual psychotherapy offers a powerful setting for the disclosure of secrets, emotions and experiences that may be difficult to discuss. As the relationship between the client and therapist develops, therapy can provide a framework where one can create the life they desire. The weaving of past stories, events, feelings and traumas, with current emotions, patterns, stressors and events enables us to integrate the past with the present. There is truly something very healing that occurs when someone can feel understood in an atmosphere of safety and acceptance.

Some of the problems Dr. Hillman has helped people with include:

  1. Confusion about who you are, problems with identity
  2. Feeling empty, lonely, abandoned, unable to maintain lasting relationships
  3. Feeling afraid, panicky and stressed
  4. Feeling in crisis or in a state of breakdown
  5. Experiencing anxiety, depression or suicidal feelings
  6. Destructive patterns - addictions, phobias and obsessions, eating problems, self-harm
  7. Problems with sex or sexuality
  8. Loss, bereavement, relationship breakdown
  9. Impact of violence, abuse and trauma
  10. Impact of problems at work, unemployment or bullying

The bottom line is that if you are bothered by problems with emotions or behaviors, if your ability to love and/or work are being negatively affected, then you may need some kind of mental health intervention.